Bravo X

In accordance with

UNI EN 14385 • CEN/TS 13649 • UNI EN 12919 • UNI EN 13284 • UNI EN 1911 • UNI EN 13211 • UNI N 14790 • ISO 9096 • UNI EN 16911

Bravo X - TCR Tecora

Color Display and Membrane Keyboard


Volumetric Counter


Retractable Handle


Sampler Status LED bar


Safety Edge Protections


Moisture Trap


Particulate Filter


Vacuum Gauge

Bravo X is the evolution of “BRAVO PLUS”!

We gave a new “BRAIN” to the PLUS sampler of the BRAVO line, automating some control and data storage functions.
BRAVO X has the same mechanical features as the PLUS version, but the flow is electronically controlled instantaneously, as well as display / memorize the sampled volume.
This means the possibility of not supervising after entering initial settings!
Built-in microprocessor enables DATA STORAGE of all sampling parameters with local recall features and USB port for download.
IP65 keypad and colour display are the user interface to input/modify/access to all the sampler functionality.

With the suppression of flow fluctuations and pressure pneumatic dampener, BRAVO X can keep steady flow during all sampling time period.
If a more performing pump is required, BRAVO X-R version is equipped with a rotary vane pump with graphite: this means linear flow, higher flow rate and higher vacuum.

Sampling in isokinetic conditions: using FLOWTEST ST flow via USB cable, BRAVO X becomes an isokinetic sampler.
Through a Venturi that offers the advantage of instantaneous flow control in any flow condition, a version with flow meter is available as option.
TOUCH-KEYPAD dual display. We created a user interface that meets the needs of everyone in all using conditions. Is possible to operate using the
large 5″ colour screen in touch-screen mode, using the keyboard in harsh conditions or both touch and keyboard.
UMTS modem is the latest technological “revolution” that allows remote sampler control.

Main Features

  • Automatic portable steady flow sampler with microprocessor based control
  • Electronic flow controller, data display and acquisition
  • Flow range: from 0.2 l/min to max 60 l/min (optional: 80 l/min depending on the pump type installed)
  • Pneumatic damper to keep constant the flow during sampling and free of fluctuations
  • High accuracy and stability of the flow measurement
  • Available power supply: 230 VAC-110 VAC – 24 VDC battery (for diaphragm pump only)
  • Volumetric counter (DGM), class 1.5, for accurate measurement of sampled volume
  • Data storage of all parameters with easy recall by keyboard (up to 512 samples)
    • User, site, measuring point
    • Sampled volume, air temperature, atmospheric
      pressure (optional)
  • Data export via USB port (.txt file)
  • Reporting of power failures
  • Vacuum gauge for leaks

Technical Features

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